I can actually see some abdominal muscles again! In the short time that I have been a member here, I have met wonderful people full of life and eager to excel in the fitness world...my soul mates!

I have had a gym membership for over 3yrs, (big name gyms) and I can honestly say I would take membership at KJD over the traditional gym forever.

The classes were difficult to attend to but when I was finished I was proud of myself that I had done it again. After 3 months into the membership my sugar level was down, cholesterol was down and my weight stabilized.


Ksenija pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me SWEAT. That day I signed up for a full membership. Ksenija is such a positive motivator that has this amazing ability to change up routines in order to keep others coming back and avoiding that trap of being bored, that I recently hired her as my personal trainer. Thank you Ksenija, for getting my ass in gear and not letting me quit in order to reach the unthinkable.

Ksenija, your certified ass kicker will work you; she will push you to the limit and past it. KJD Boxing puts the "Bridge" in Woodbridge - her bridge is the one you cross that will take you to where you need to be, all you have to bring is yourself and your determination and she will take care of the rest. AND THIS AIN'T NO HYPE!!

Ksenija your program is not a program you go to waste time or money. It's so beneficial and within weeks you can see the fruits of your labour.

Thank you for being the best "ass-kicker" I've ever had! You truly are an inspiration to the members and seeing your enthusiasm, it's hard not to catch it. It was the hardest workout's I've ever had, but the best ones too!

I was highly motivated by the energy and intensity of her class that till this day, I still attend religiously.

As a boxing instructor, Ksenija is hard-working and highly committed to the members of the gym.

Thanks to her I feel as fit as I have ever been.

She's a true professional: talented, committed, passionate.

Whenever I leave the gym after one of her classes, I feel great, despite the fact that I'm aching all over.

She is a tough teacher, very motivating, inspiring, and funny.

Pushes you hard and is dedicated to making every workout your best one.

She is not for the faint hearted and therefore brings the best out of you.

Because I get bored extremely quickly, it says a lot that I have NOT missed a single one of your classes.

An hour and a half of non-stop strength and endurance training geared towards men and women of all levels of fitness.

Ksenija has a way about her that makes you want to go the distance and push yourself to do more.

She has an infectious laugh and smile and best of all, conducts her classes with a sense of humour and humility.

I highly recommend her as an instructor.

Ksenija's classes have energy from beginning to end where she shares her power, charm and wisdom.

She will be an asset to students and creates a friendly environment.

416 894 6764   |   ksenijadias@hotmail.com