In early 1997, Ksenija decided she was tired of the typical gym scene. She wanted something edgy and exciting. She was also engaged to be married and like most women, wanted to shed a few pounds before the big day.

Ksenija came across the unconventional! Apprehensive at first and definitely intimitated with the boxing environment, she became part of a boxing gym that actually catered to women. She took a good look around and easily fit in. She was amazed by the environment: simply put, it was CAPTIVATING!

It didn't take long for her to realize she wanted to be a part of this, and in a few short moments she was... Weeks turned into months, months turned into years and she's still hooked on boxing and fitness. Hard to believe, even for herself, that here she is today, starting her own phenomenon! Prior to her development as a certified coach and boxing instructor, her goals were focused on policing. With her own life experiences behind her, Ksenija is able to offer diverse programs to accomodate any fitness level.

Ksenija had been a member of a local based Toronto Boxing Gym facility since 1997 and taught instructional boxing techniques and fitness boxing since 2000. Her involvement in helping students and clients meet their fitness goals is unparalleled. The dedication and commitment she exhibits is truly one of a kind. Ksenija came to open her own boxing studio in Woodbridge in 2005. When she made her announcement about starting KJD Boxing & Fitness, people were extremely excited and convinced her new gym will ROCK! There were also those who were lost with words, finding out their most inspirational instructor is leaving them. 

To fully realize her passion, Ksenija also left a lucrative career downtown. She is that dedicated. Committed to get you results, she's in your face, in a nice way. She did it for herself, and now she is devoted to helping others meet their fitness goals. She will not fool around with you. Her sessions are fun, inspiring and you get results.

The studio is pleasurable, full of light, great equipment and very clean. Ksenija has also achieved and surpassed many personal and professional goals. A woman who is beautiful and radiates body confidence, Ksenija was featured in the June 2005 issue of Canadian Living Magazine. Along with personal triumphs, Ksenija also sets goals for herself and works toward achieving them.

Ksenija has tremendous enthusiasm and is incredibly devoted to helping people - something you just need to experience. You really need to expose yourself to her. She is one of kind and truly an inspiring and motivating fitness mentor to us all!

Check out the testimonial section to see what people are raving about! Ksenija was also approached by a national clothing brand to be part of their ambassador program. Ksenija exhibits uniqueness and involvement in her community with dedication to her area of expertise. As well, embodies the fitness lifestyle and culture. So, stop sitting on your butt, get up and CONTACT HER!


Ksenija Dias
Lululemon Ambassador

Canadian Living
Magazine Article

Ksenija Dias
Scotiabank Marathon



The general public has a fascination with boxing, period! Boxing is a growing phenomenon for men and women looking for a fitness alternative. Boxing is ranked as one of the most demanding fitness routines today. KJD Boxing & Fitness created programs that will keep you engaged at all times. We believe in promoting good health, refining stamina, emphasizing on body care and committing to achievement. We focus on constant motivation and attention to your individual body requirements while keeping you stimulated to embark on a new lifestyle of boxing and fitness strategies.

We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced boxing fitness sessions. Pick up the phone and call us today. KJD Boxing & Fitness wants YOU to CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Come on, you can do it!



KJD Boxing & Fitness will be the driving forces behind your journey to personal fitness success. You will experience energetic, powerful and influential dynamics. Together we will strive to accomplish measurable benefits for your personal health while achieving tremendous endurance. We will enhance your personal gains of self-esteem and self-motivation. Together we can achieve superior excellence and ultimate gratification. Respect yourself, respect others and you will always win.

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